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„For those who are looking for more than a job. This is a chance for your work to contribute to building famous brands. An opportunity to overcome new challenges and learn new skills. The opportunity to surround yourself with smart, ambitious, and motivated people every day. This is the environment you can expect from us. Sounds interesting? Apply.“

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Anđela Lečić

HR Specialist


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We are building the best regional marketing agency. In our company, talented young experts work on shaping domestic and world brands every day. Our campaigns are global, but we haven’t lost our local charm. We are giving our best. We are proud of our work and the recognition we receive, but we stay humble.

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  • Klizno VrijemeFlexible working hours
  • Dijelimo znanjeKnowledge transfer
  • ObrociWarm healthy meals
  • EdukacijeEducation and seminars
  • Prekovremeni radOvertime Awards
  • RekreacijaSmall teams with big ambitions
  • Drustveno odgovorniSocially responsible activities



Banja Luka


Banja Luka


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Banja Luka

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If you have no experience, we believe that the internship is the best way to start working in the marketing industry. We are proud of the fact that over 30% of our employees are talented professionals who once underwent our hands-on training program for the position in which they are now building their careers. If you want to work in a dynamic environment, have the need to express your creativity and are motivated to do so, then Mania is the right place for you. We will provide you with a mentor who will give you all the secrets of successful agency work throughout practical work and daily training. Also, the internship is paid, and if you prove yourself, the job is yours. Its up to you… sign up!

HTML instead of PTable

The internship is the best way to gain experience and knowledge. Although I graduated with a degree in Chemistry, I plan to build my career in the IT sector. I am currently employed as a Front-end developer, where I notice my progress every day and feel more secure working on more demanding projects.

After PMF – Mania

I perfected my university education at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics with the experience gained in my internship at the Mania marketing agency. Now, I am employed as a Back-end developer, with a proud look back at my participation in many successful IT projects through which I have developed personal skills.

From Assistant to Producer

I fell in love with video production by "accident", through assisting on the set. During my internship, I developed many skills that help me today in coordinating demanding video production projects. Although I did not plan so, today I am happy with building my career in the video production sector.

Sandra Vlajinic Mania


Front-end Developer

Aleksandar Djukic Mania


Back-end Developer

Stefan Bozic Mania



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