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Good ghost of via Dinarica from Mania angle!

Many clients have so far expressed confidence in our creative solutions, positioning us in the market as a confident Agency in the implementation of various projects.

We are particularly proud that we had an opportunity to be part of a story called Via Dinarica, we visited 30 locations in B&H that represent a nature gifts and we presented these incredible scenes through several video spots.

Via Dinarica is a project launched on the initiative of USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina and UNDP and it connects seven countries and territories through which the mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps extends, from Slovenia to northern Albania. The heart of this "mega track", similar to Via Alpina and Appalachia, is in B&H, Croatia and Montenegro. This project aims to connect tourists from all over the world with these countries, local people with nature, and increase the competitiveness of those in the field of tourism.

For 13 days of shooting, the production team has been covered with the snow 5 times, blown 10 times by the wind, lost 3 times, and each time nature of Via Dinarica left them breathless. Video production of 6, different length videos, that best represent the entire Via Dinarica project was certainly one of the major challenges that we had encountered.


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