Communication is a prerequisite for success. Through comprehensive communication support, we contribute to the realization of our clients' goals, representing their interests in the market and presenting them in the right way. We provide the following services: media relations, image building, press conference organization, press release and press releases, social network monitoring, and press clipping.

Top video production with red weapon 6K camera


RED Weapon 6K camera, after recording the world's popular films Transformers, Avatars and Game of Thrones, arrived in Banja Luka, becoming an integral part of the MANIA production. From now on, even more quality video clips recorded with this film camera in the 6K resolution are coming out of our creative workshop.

In our business, we strive to follow the trends and constantly increase the quality of our services to a higher level. The dynamic market, fast-changing environment and the desire to deliver our top quality solutions to our customers motivate us to use only the highest quality equipment in our work.

The use of this camera in further work represents one step further to reach our goal, which is video production at a level that can parry to world production companies. Also, using the state-of-the-art technology we are able to satisfy the many demands of our current and future clients, and in this way justify the trust given to us.


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